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Addiction Recovery Program


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) continues its weekly meetings on Saturday through Zoom. We encourage those of you who are struggling with any addiction to come "gather" with us through our group meeting online. We continue to meet through this pandemic via Zoom.


Participants can be in the privacy of their own home or room and still receive emotional support from others through the spirit as we study the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ in relation to our faith-based recovery and our common challenges of addiction.

Our group meetings focus on the spiritual solution but still allow much needed confidential, personal sharing to help relieve the burdens of shame and guilt in a safe space full of love and understanding with others who know such suffering.


Call Bart Stevens  or Gayla Scoll (310.387.0269)


We love you and hope to help those suffering know the joy of recovery through the healing hands of the Savior!

LA Stake Family Addiction Recovery Program

Confidential support group for individuals struggling with addiction ( Family members may also experience support in this meeting).

Stake Contacts:

Bart Stevens & Gayla Scoll

Saturday Morning Zoom Support Group Meeting 9-10 am

Meeting ID 882 9260 2092

Passcode: ARPLA


LA Stake Spouse & Family Support Group

Confidential support group for Family members who love someone who is ensnared in addiction.


Stake Contacts:

Gayla Scoll & Brandon De Hart

Tuesday Night Zoom Support Group Meeting

7:30-8:30 pm

Meeting ID 895-6363-0527

Passcode: 079578

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